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Why Should We Drink Filtered Water?

Why Should We Drink Filtered Water? 0

the beautiful baby is drinking water
the beautiful baby is drinking water

Water is the most beneficial resource we've got and is crucial to our health. Considering that statement, we tend to should question the supply of our water. There square measure 1,000,000 reasons to drink water, however, we tend to believe filtering your water is that the best thanks to consuming your daily water.

  • Money Saving

On average it prices regarding $0.10 per gallon to filter your own water. drinking water prices regarding $9.60 per gallon on the average. Filtering your own water saves you $9.50 per gallon of water you consume. contemplate attempting out a filter, you’d be shocked what quantity cash you’ll have left over.

  • Better water

Yes, there square measure state and federal rules on municipal H2O, but not all pollutants square measure far from the water. There square measure several further pollutants that aren’t needed to be far from your water. this is often technically legal as long as they don’t have serious health risks, however, these pollutants don't seem to be one thing you'd need to consume. the simplest thanks to recognizing you’re drinking nice tasting, and healthy, water is to use a filter and alter it frequently.          4396841 whirlpool water filter

  • Safe Water

Even with rules on water systems, there's no guarantee you're receiving clean water. typically times water will get contaminated and you'll not have time to react. Adding a filter to your water system diminishes the likelihood that you simply or your family would consume pollutants. If you've got groundwater you're at even a lot of risk of not knowing that pollutants are also found in your water. Sadly, drinking water has similar implications and has even less testing than H2O that leaves space for a lot of chemicals and pollutants to seek out their approach into your water.

  • Environmentally Friendly

If you aren’t filtering your water, you're either drinking contaminated water or you’re potable that comes incased in plastic. we all know why pollutants square measure harmful, however drinking water wastes three cubic decimetres of water simply to create one liter (along with seventeen million barrels of oil to form bottles). These bottles then find yourself in landfills and also the ocean.              4396841 edr3rxd1

  • Reduces Odors

Water from your sink, if not filtered properly, can smell. the very fact is, your water shouldn't smell. Water is supposed to be pure and free from odors and pollutants. Treat your family and guests to water that doesn’t have a scent or color.

  • Properly Digests Food

Pure water assists your body in digestion and helps absorb nutrients from food. Unfiltered water will cause problems with however your body absorbs food and the way it removes waste. Your body might strive against the absorption of a lot of sugars and carbohydrates once moon-faced with pollutants from your water, which might have an effect on weight gain.          fridge filter 4396841 

  • Reduces risk of unwellness

Certain cancers and different diseases are often brought on by overwhelming water containing Cl, water parasites and different toxins. Not filtering your water is joined to body part cancer, carcinoma, bladder cancer, and different canal unwellness.

It’s important to drink filtered water. Not solely can your water style, smell and appearance higher, it'll additionally facilitate your body to appear and feel higher. disbursal additional for drinking water isn’t perpetually well worth the price financially, or environmentally. look into the contaminants that square measure in your water. It will assist you realize the proper filter for your home.

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Completely pure water, with no dissolved minerals, tastes sensible or neutral.


You may worry about what’s in your drinking water. Some stories you read strongly suggest you should filter your water, but you feel like these stories may be exaggerated. It’s troubling to think that your tap and bottled water may not be safe. You need to start drinking filtered water. Here are the reasons: Tap water from lead pipes is a problem. It’s true that lead water pipes are a thing of the past and no longer used today, but many older lead pipes are still in service. During a repair or change in the water chemistry, these pipes can leach lead into the tap water. Hence, as your tap water travels from the water treatment plant into your house, it will pick up contaminants along with unsafe water lead levels. Lead is not difficult to remove from water as a good activated carbon filter removes lead efficiently. Enforceable standards of the Environmental Protection Agency are not always stringent enough. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets two contaminant measures for water departments – one is enforceable, while the other is not. The unenforceable standard is called the Maximum Contaminant Level Goal(MCLG), which is set at a level where no adverse health effects are expected. The enforceable standard is named the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL), which is set close to the MCLG, but also takes into other factors into consideration, such as the cost and technology to remove the contaminants. That is to say, MCLG considers your health, while MCL includes your health and costs of removing contaminants. As a result, your tap water may have unhealthy levels of contaminants (exceeding MCLG) but still be meeting MCL. So, if you would prefer that your water meets the most stringent standards, you should filter it. Environmental Protection Agency does not regulate all pollutants. In fact, a 2009 study detected 316 contaminants, 202 of which had no safety standards. The study showed approximately 132 million people in the US had unregulated pollutants in their tap water. Bottled water is unregulated. You may think that bottled water is a great solution. But the answer is no – why? The bottled water industry is unregulated. The water quality might be worse than your tap water. In a Natural Resources Defense Council study, 22% of bottled water brands contained chemical contaminants at levels above health limits. If these bottled water are consumed over a long period, some contaminants can cause cancer or other health problems. How to protect yourself? How do you keep yourself away from water pollution? Drink filtered water. So many good, yet, easy water filtration systems are available – one of which is a refrigerator water filter. Need help deciding which fridge water filter is right for you? All of our refrigerator filters are efficient at eliminating most contaminants in tap water, and hold an absolute advantage on the unquestionable quality, unbeatable low price and great customer service.

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